Clinic management

The physicians are the dominant feature of the "business"

The management of the clinic is medical management and administration in one hand - in this way economic thinking and acting can be brought into accordance with medical requirements and highest demands on therapies.



Dr. med. Georgios Kastellis

  • Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Facharzt
  • Ärztlicher Psychotherapeut
  • bislang Oberarzt der Klinik seit 2012

Assistant Medical Director:


Dr. med. Helmut Schaaf

  • Physician and psychotherapist, senior physician with Dr. Hesse for 15 years
  • Book author and specialist in vestibular diseases

Medical Superintendent and Managing Director:


Adj. Professor Dr. med. habil. Gerhard Hesse

  • ENT physician and health economist, 1992 founder of the then tinnitus clinic
  • Currently President of the Vereinigung der Mitteldeutschen HNO-Ärzte (Association of Middle German ENT Physicians), Vice Chairman of the scientific advisory council of the DTL (German Tinnitus League)


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