Ohr- und Hörinstitut Hesse(n)

Diagnostics of the entire hearing- and vestibular system, medical estimates

The Ohr- und Hörinstitut (Ear- and Hearing Institute) applies itself to diagnostics and outpatient therapy - both the entire auditory pathway and the functions of the vestibular system are examined with state-of-the-art technologies.

We can carry out all subjective audiometric procedures and objective checks of the auditory cells of the inner ear ("OAE"/otoacoustic emissions) and of the auditory nerves and cortex ("ERA"/evoked response audiometry). The vestibular lab possesses a swivel chair, caloric tests, videonystagmography (VNG), posturography, and optokinetics.

We also do allergy tests and general ENT examinations, as well as outpatient treatment.

Following detailed diagnostics the outpatient receives comprehensive consultation; possible therapies are discussed and initiated if necessary.

At the institute scientific opinions are rendered.


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0 56 91 800 330