Cost coverage

The tinnitus clinic Dr. Hesse is a licensed private clinic under Art. 30 German Industrial Code for medically necessary hospital treatments in case of neuro-otologic-psychosomatic clinical patterns.

The site on the premises of the Bad Arolsen hospital and the close interlocking with this acute care hospital facilitate the admission or consultation co-treatment of individuals in acute need of in-patient care.

Privately insured patients can be admitted with hospital referral forms; if possible, these should be submitted to the competent insurer prior to admission.

The tinnitus clinic Dr. Hesse is subsidizable.

As a rule, the subsidizing agencies establish the reference hospital rate of the nearest maximum care hospital. As there is no reference rate in in-patient psychosomatic treatment, the neuro-otologic and psychosomatic treatment at the tinnitus clinic Dr. Hesse is best compared with the so-called "Multimodal Pain Therapy". This therapy has the DRG code number (U42B / B47A) and is invoiced with a daily hospital rate at the Klinikum (= clinical centre) Kassel.

The tinnitus clinic Dr. Hesse performs in-patient treatments for German employers' liability insurance associations.

Those insured by the statutory health insurance can be admitted if the costs are covered by the health insurance as a case-by-case decision or by the patients themselves.

The tinnitus clinic Dr. Hesse does not provide any rehabilitation treatment, let alone health resort- or sanatorium treatment, it is no "mixed institution".

The tinnitus clinic Dr. Hesse does not levy any surcharge for single occupancy or any optional services (special treatment by the head physician).

Medical and certain diagnostic services are invoiced as tariff of the house based on the scale of fees for doctors.


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