The philosophy of our clinic

Treat disorders of acoustic perception with a holistic neuro-otologic-psychosomatic therapy!

What was there first? The tinnitus, followed by depression? Or is it the other way round: is a depressive mood the reason that the tinnitus is perceived as more and more annoying?

This therapeutic dilemma can only be solved in a truly psychosomatic approach. Only if the organ-related (somatic) afflictions and symptoms are recorded, taken seriously and included in the therapy, then emotional stabilization, improvement of the mood and elimination of the sleep disorder may succeed.

Far too often organ medicine tends to negate the importance of emotional impacts on symptoms, but even more often the exponents of psychosomatics or psychiatry negate the actual importance of physical afflictions and results.

To achieve an effective and above all competent consideration of both parts in this is our diagnostic and above all therapeutic objective. Therefore, ENT-medical and psychosomatic diagnostics, hearing therapy und psychotherapy belong together.

In the strict sense this is orthodox medicine; we think nothing of attracting patients with alleged courses of treatment, even if these seem harmless, such as natural remedies, acupuncture, or a laser therapy of some kind or other. It is the scientific proof of efficiency that ultimately counts. Our therapy strategies have been tested, scientifically examined and documented for decades. They are constantly under close scrutiny and compared to other approaches in the scientific public. For this we also cooperate with university institutions, such as the University of Witten-Herdecke (of which Adj. Prof. Dr. Hesse is a faculty member) and the Berlin Charité.

Integrative exercise therapy, relaxation techniques and physiotherapy support our therapeutic efforts.


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