Range of diagnostic offers

  • ENT-medical physical examination

  • Psychosomatic diagnostics

  • Complete audiometric diagnostics:

    • Pure tone audiometry
    • High frequency audiometry
    • Impedance- und stapedius reflex measurements
    • Speech audiometry
    • Speech perception in noise
    • Würzburg loudness scaling procedure
    • Measurement of the uncomfortable loudness levels (UCL)
    • Test for the measurement of central auditory perception
    • Special psychoacoustic measurements, objective hearing tests

      • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE), in particular distortion products
      • EEG audiometry (BERA, electrocochleography)
      • Derivation of cortical potentials und late expectation potentials

  • Examinations of the vestibular system:

    • Positional manoeuvres
    • Posturography Caloric irrigation and flip test to check the utriculus function
    • Vestibular evoked potentials to check the sacculus function
    • Gyratory test
    • Optokinetic test
    • Test diagnostics for tinnitus- and vertigo strain

Final discussions will take place with Prof. Gerhard Hesse, Medical Superintendent and ENT specialist, or with Helmut Schaaf, M.D., Assistant Medical Director.

If a consistent pattern of effect can be compiled, in most cases this will consist of small steps, which are designed for the longer term though.

Your test results will be put down in a letter tailored to your purposes and addressed to your physician and/or yourself. You will receive records of all examinations that have been carried out in the evaluation.


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