Tinnitus - a symptom of a disturbed acoustic perception!

In most cases, tinnitus or ringing in the ears are the consequence of an impairment of one's hearing ability, even if subjectively one may not even be aware of it.

They are noise-induced, result from sudden deafness or insidious hearing disorders, or they are a consequence of overexcitement, e.g. in case of particular (stress) strain.

The cause of suffering from tinnitus with its most diverse accompanying symptoms, such as sleep disorders, lack of concentration or depression, is the inability to block out or to ignore this disturbing noise.

However, the tinnitus can also be the first sign (which is audible for the patient!) of some kind of emotional distress or crisis. Then it reveals the emotional fear, or it becomes the first physically felt sign of a possible threat to one's emotional balance.


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