Bad Arolsen - "town of hearing" in a Baroque atmosphere and a quiet location in close touch with nature

Bad Arolsen features almost 20 years tradition of being an otologist treatment centre with symposiums and conventions all around hearing. But of course the term "town of hearing" refers even more to the multi-faceted music culture nursed in this town.

For many years there has been an annual Baroque festival with distinguished concerts; also the Schlosskonzerte (castle concerts) in the wonderful Arolsen Baroque castle are events of long-standing tradition.

The entire townscape is characterized by Baroque building culture; the museum of sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch is one of the jewels of modern museum culture.

The marvellous surroundings with their mountains, forests and lakes are the perfect place for hiking but also for endurance sports.  

In winter, the nearby Upland (Willingen) is a well-known cross-country skiing- and ski-jumping area, and the Kellerwald-Edersee natural reserve is a wonderfully pristine landscape.

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